ENNEADE – Withered Flowers and Cinnamon (2022) – Digital FLAC


Withered Flowers and CinnamonEnneade ‘s third studio album in FLAC digital format, for listening quality comparable to CD.

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Digital FLAC version ofEnneade‘s album, Withered Flowers and Cinnamon.

Withered Flowers and Cinnamon

April 29, 2022
CD digipack 8 p. booklet (37:31)

1. A Foul Taste of Freedom (9:21)
2. Illumination (7:27)
3. Tinkling Forks (4:40)
4. Grand Buffet (3:36)
5. Autumn (12:13)

Julien FAYOLLE: bass, double bass, Chapman Stick, Moog Taurus
Christophe GOULEVITCH: guitars
Christian GREVEN: lead & backing vocals, keyboards
Frédéric LACOUSSE: drums, percussions, marimba & xylophone
Georges-Marc LAVARENNE: electric and acoustic guitars, Mellotron & cbacking vocals

Kunio SUMA (Bi Kyo Ran): guitars & solo (3 & 4)
Olivier SOLA: saxophone (5)

Words & music: ENNEADE

Recorded at Warmaudio Studio & Convulsound Studio

Recording, mixing & mastering: Thibault BERNARD (Convulsound Productions)
Executive production: VALLIS LUPI
Catalog number: VL05

Layout: Frédéric LACOUSSE
Original cover photograph: Martine PLANET
Graphic design: Frédéric LACOUSSE & Henri VAUGRAND

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