FAIRY TALE – Live Session in Studio (Bypass 1.) (2023) – Digital FLAC


Digital FLAC version of Live Session in Studio (Bypass 1.)the first in a series of spontaneous productions outside the usual studio context by Fairy Tale.

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Digital FLAC version of the Fairy Tale album, Live Session in Studio (Bypass 1.).

Live Session in Studio (Bypass 1.)

January 21, 2023
4 panel Digisleeve CD (16:39)

1. Bypass Introduction (0:31)
2. Carousel (Live) (3:14)
3. Wake Up (Live) (4:40)
4. Time Heals Nothing (Live) (4:32)
5. Zval to na kata (Live) (3:42)

So far, the last act in the Fairy Tale discography is calledLive Session in Studio (2023). The EP album is the first of the so-called Bypass series, which was created as a concept of spontaneous release of rare materials, outside the traditional context of the band’s studio albums.
This idea arose during the preparation of a video session in the studio, where the band wanted to shoot a few shots for the video clip for the song Wake Up. But in the end they decided to record everything live, all the musicians around a drum kit in one room… A very raw and loud approach, but also very live.
Peter Kravec describes:
“It was quite a demanding day and we played other songs without knowing if it was worth it.
Finally, when we heard the result after several weeks of working on the mixes, we decided to share this unique energy.
We see the special edition of “Bypass” as a thank you to all our followers and supporters.”

Barbora Koláriková: vocals
Peter Kravec: guitar
Ľubomír Pavelka: drums
Štefan Vida: guitar
Vladimír Kravec: bass

Matering by Simon Heyworth and Bill Sellar at Super Audio Mastering

Graphic Design by Martin Niki Nikmon from original artworks of Hugh Syme

Catalog Number: R43 0013-5

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