PASKINEL – Maraude automnale (2023) – digital FLAC


Digital FLAC version of Maraude automnale by Paskinel, in CD-like quality for optimized listening on most players.

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Digital FLAC version of Paskinel‘s album, Maraude automnale.

Maraude automnale

June 9, 2023
CD digisleeve (50:02)

1. La danse des feux follets (5:57)
2. Tartempion (6:46)
3. Bille en tête (4:46)
4. Maraude automnale (6:43)
5. One O’clock (4:32)
6. Cristal qui songe (7:20)
7. L’écho noir (6:53)
8. Au forum des commérages (3:28)

Pascal “Paskinel” DUFOUR: synthetizer and keyboard, drums programmation and composing
Frédéric “Tourneriff” CHAPUT: electric guitar, bass guitar, mixing

Jacques BON: bassoon (5 and 7)
Fabrice CHOUETTE: organ (1)
DAG-Z: transverse flute (2)
Franck DEHAUT: electric guitar, lap steel (1)
Mickael FELLMANN: saxophone (1)
Jun Gui KWON: violin (7)

Mastering: Thierry PAYSSAN

Logo and artwork: Patrick “Paskinel” DUFOUR
Cover photo: Bertrand FAUCONNIER
Inner photo: Claire CHAPUT

Executive production: VALLIS LUPI
Catalog number: VL07


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