HALF A BAND – Tales from Claustrophobic Horizons (CD, 2021)


Tales from Claustrophobic Horizons, album de Half A Band (aka Olivier Bonneau, claviériste de Grandval).

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HALF A BAND carries on its journey across open sonic spaces with these Tales from Claustrophobic Horizons.
HALF A BAND is a musical solo project of Olivier Bonneau, a multi-instrumentalist, also a former collaborator on albums by Sundayer, Birkenhead and Cargobelly, and the actual keyboards player in Grandval.
If Tales from Claustrophobic Horizons is an obvious wink to YES’s Tales from Topographic Oceans, by its title and by its structure in 4 long pieces, the album delivers a more atmospheric rock, tinted with vintage influences, from 70s and 80s progressive rock, but also from post-rock, ambient, dream pop, psychedelic rock, cold wave and new wave.
Recorded in the depth of french Auvergne Volcanoes, the album forms an impressionist canvas, crafted in a indie spirit, close to the DIY aesthetics cherished by the punk movement. But DIY does not mean lack of quality. Indeed, Olivier Bonneau weaves here airy and aerial compositions, in which the apparent reiteration nonetheless delivers subtle variations and musical dynamics with well-arranged balance.

paru le 10 septembre 2021

Recorded in 2020 & 2021 at the Back Room

Olivier BONNEAU :
vocals, piano (1, 4), prophet (1, 3, 4), minibrute (1, 3, 4), string machine (1, 3, 4), bass pedals, electric guitars, electric pianos, VA synth, bass guitar (1, 3, 4), drums, TR-808, mellotron, tonewheel organ, glockenspiel (4), butadream (4), tubular bells (4)

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