FAIRY TALE – Sound Mirrors (CD, 2005)


Sound Mirrors is the very first album (self-released EP) by Fairy Tale
September 1st, 2005
Digipack CD (23:00)

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Sound Mirrors

September 1st, 2005
Digipack CD (23:00)

1. Crystal (4:13)
2. Theo (5:47)
3. Not Feel Love (5:17)
4. Sun and Moon (4:13)
5. Bonsai (3:30)

Fairy Tale’s first album, Sound Mirrors, is a self-produced EP released as digipack CD in September 2005. It was referred as unusual mix of rock, ambient, electronic and world music.

Barbora Koláriková: vocals
Peter Kravec: bass, keyboards, acoustic guitars and anything else
Marek Škvarenina: keyboards
Ľubo Pavelka: drum sounds

Roman Mečiar: electric guitars
Peter Gonda: violin
Katka Engererová: violin
Jurko Ondrejmiška: little boy yelling

Music & Words by Peter Kravec

Artwork and Graphic Design by Norbert Garaz, www.digitaldreams.sk

Mixed & Produced by Peter Kravec
Catalog Number: R43 0001-2-331

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