HALF A BAND – Deep in the Night (2023) – Digital FLAC


Half a Band album, Deep in the Nightin FLAC format, playable on most players in lossless audio quality equivalent to CD.

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FLAC version of Half a Band‘s album, Deep in the Night.

HALF A BAND is a solo project by multi-instrumentalist Olivier Bonneau who is also keyboard player in Grandval. As a band starts with two persons, his solo project is at least half a band
Tinged with Anglo-Saxon influences, Half a Band music is at the crossroads of various styles: electro, psychedelic rock, post-rock, progressive rock and dream pop, with a large place given to vintage keyboard sounds and ethereal guitars.
Deep in the Night album marks a stylistic evolution through a more melodic and pop approach paying tribute to 1980’s progressive pop (Tears for Fears, Talk Talk, 1983’s Genesis, Peter Gabriel’s So), while maintaining an atmospheric and progressive aesthetic (multi-part pieces, many of which hover around 10 minutes).

Released on November 17, 2023

All songs written and recorded by Half a Band.
Mainly recorded under the stairs, Vic-le-Comte, France.
Vocals, guitars, keyboards and drums performed by Olivier Bonneau.
Artwork by Olivier Bonneau.