You are currently viewing Vallis Lupi catalog as FLAC download!

Vallis Lupi catalog as FLAC download!

Following the release of Deep in the Night, new album by Half a Band, Vallis Lupi offers the possibility to download all albums of its catalog in FLAC format (Free Lossless Audio Codec) for a listening analogue to CD quality.

You can order FLAC versions in our store (next to each CD version) or by clicking on the album image below. Good guess!

HALF A BAND, Deep in the Night (2023), FLAC
ALPHA MOUNTAIN, Alpha Mountain (2022), FLAC
FAIRY TALE, That Is the Question (2021), FLAC
BABOKALYPS, Veľký voz (2017), FAIRY TALE side-project, FLAC
FAIRY TALE, Dream (2008), FLAC
PASKINEL, Maraude automnale (2023), FLAC
ENNEADE, Withered Flowers and Cinnamon (2022), FLAC
HALF A BAND, Tales from Claustrophobic Horizons (2021), FLAC
GRANDVAL, A ciel ouvert... (2016), Elements Trilogy 1, FLAC
FAIRY TALE, Sound Mirrors (2005), FLAC
FAIRY TALE, Live Session in Studio (Bypass 1.) (2023), FLAC
GRANDVAL, eau | feu (2022), Elements Trilogy 3, FLAC
GRANDVAL, Descendu sur Terre (2020), Elements Trilogy 2, FLAC
FAIRY TALE, Loveland (2011), FLAC

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