Spare Ones

HALF A BAND is a solo project of Olivier Bonneau, multi-instrumentalist who has participated in the unique albums of Sundayer, Birkenhead and Cargobelly. He is also the current keyboardist of GRANDVAL. In spite of a long discography behind him, he had realized in CD format only one album before: Spare Ones. Released in self-production (and in confidential edition) in 2019, the album develops long instrumental passages as Olivier Bonneau likes to compose, here in a rather post-progressive vein of successive ambiances.

HALF A BAND Spare Ones
Spare Ones, self-production, 2019

Tales from Claustrophobic Horizons

Nevertheless, Olivier Bonneau continues his way and, coming out of his alchemical laboratory, has entrusted the executive production of a new album to the label VALLIS LUPI in 2021.
If Tales from Claustrophobic Horizons makes an obvious nod to the Tales from Topographic Oceans from Yes By its title and by its structuring in four tracks, the album deploys a more atmospheric rock mixed with vintage influences coming from the progressive of the 70’s and the 80’s, but also from post-rock, ambient, dream pop, psychedelic rock, cold and new wave. Olivier Bonneau weaves here airy and light compositions within which the apparent reiteration nevertheless deploys subtle variations and a well-balanced musical dynamic.

HALF A BAND Tales From Claustrophobic Horizons
Tales from Clautrophobic Horizons, Vallis Lupi, 2021

While the new album of GRANDVAL is released in 2022, who can know what will be the alchemical and bulimic future of HALF A BAND

Half A Band at Vallis Lupi
Photo credit: [HVRC]