You are currently viewing Release day for “Maraude automnale” by Paskinel!

Release day for “Maraude automnale” by Paskinel!

Maraude automnale, first album by Paskinel, solo project byPatrick “Paskinel” Dufour, member of Alco Frisbass, is officially released on this June 9, 2023!

According to the webzine Music Waves: “Maraude Automnale” is full of melodies in perpetual motion, rich of the playing of a host of instruments complementing each other. Its music, suitable for sweet reverie, invites to travel and wide open spaces.

Pre-sales of Maraude automnale, and orders from our partners have enabled the album to begin a journey which, besides France, already brought it to Spain, Norway, United-Kingdom, Poland, Canada, USA and Japan!

Don’t hesitate to climb on board of the skiff of Paskinel by ordering his album on our website (link below), our Bandcamp page, or, thru our partner Inouie Distribution, on streaming platforms and networks like FNAC, Cultura, Gibert, Leclerc, or thru your local independent record dealer.

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