Vallis Lupi Productions are pleased to present the first album of Paskinel, a project from Patrick “Paskinel” Dufour, accompagnied byFrédéric “Tourneriff” Chaput, that is 2/3 from Alco Frisbass band. And, as Fabrice Chouette joins the party on the first track, “La danse des feux follets”, that’s the whole trio who works on Maraude automnale.

But make no mistake about it. This is not an Alco Frisbass album hidden under another name, but a real Paskinel creation taking a long time to mature and refine the eight tracks composed by Patrick Dufour. Furthermore, he got assistance from many playmates. Besides the two aforementioned, other ones come here and there to add bassoon, transverse flute, saxophone or violin. On the opening track, one can also hear guitar and lap steel by Franck Dehaut, a member of And You And Yes tribute band. Finally, support is a mark of friendship for Paskinel since, besides the mixing by acolyte Tourneriff , mastering is due to Thierry Payssan from well-known band Minimum Vital.

Maraude automnale, Vallis Lupi, 2023
Le Bateleur, 2018
Le Mystère du Gué Pucelle, 2021

Maraude automnale

With this brilliant apparatus, Paskinel applies his creativity and takes us on a journey through a variety of musical stories wherein inventiveness and subtlety of arrangements open up to reflection, pure contemplation and dream. Indeed, the musical atmosphere is between rock, progressive and jazz. If the school of Canterbury imprint is milder than in Alco Frisbass, it is not totally absent. What carries you along in this Maraude automnale, it is this Dufour‘s petty theft skill to pick and choose influences and winks, as it is the case with this “Cristal Qui Songe” (“The Dreaming Jewels”) borrowed from American science-fiction novelist Theodore Sturgeon. However, our marauder knows how to disguise the major part of his references and how to create an original music one can listen to the same way he or she would read a novel from an electric Marcel Proust while enjoying a madeleine in search of lost time.
Moreover, between the opening wisps and final gossip whose forum inevitably makes you think about social networks, Paskinel is playing us and himself like a mountebank spectator of the world and its pranks. With Maraude automnale, Paskinel releases a first album that will delight instrumental varied, creative and astonishing music lovers. Enter his garden, you will find unexpected and charming forms and colours.

PASKINEL, Maraude automnale, Vallis Lupi, 2023
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Fourth VALLIS LUPI release distributed throughINOUÏE DISTRIBUTION, this Maraude automnale by PASKINEL benefits from a qualitative promotion and a large presence on plateforms,shops and supply chains.

Patrick "Paskinel" Dufour and Frédéric "Tourneriff" Chaput, photo: Claire Chaput