You are currently viewing Welcome to the English version of the Vallis Lupi website!

Welcome to the English version of the Vallis Lupi website!

At the end of 2022, we now offer an English version of our website at!

Vallis Lupi continues its development: after the signing of two new bands and the release of tree albums this year, in order of release the albums ofGrandval, Enneade and Alpha Mountain, here is the English version of our website.

You will find information about the label and the bands, with new signings, albums, videos and, of course, our shop.

We are ready to ship your year-end orders as soon as possible.

Take advantage of our special offers, they are very likely to disappear at the beginning of 2023.

Indeed, the label is preparing for many changes, such as the one that took place with the partnership between Vallis Lupi and Inouïe Distribution to ensure the presence of our artists’ albums on major platforms and in stores such as: FNAC, Cultura, Gibert, Leclerc and, of course, our beloved independent record stores.

Other partnerships are under discussion, as well as several signatures of new artists…

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In the meantime, happy browsing!