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First Anniversary of “Withered Flowers and Cinnamon” release!

Just a year ago Withered Flowers and Cinnamon, third album by the band from Lyon Enneadewas released.
The album received a warm welcom from the specialized press and has been exported all over the world, whether it be in Japan, Germany, Poland or United States, for example.

Enneade Withered Flowers and Cinnamon

To celebrate Withered Flowers and Cinnamon first birthday, we offer a promo code valid up to and including May 1st.
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Since good things never come singly, promotion to celebrate the third release birthday of Descendu sur Terre by Grandval (on April 24, 2020) in extended to May 1st too!
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More news to come about Enneade, Grandval and other bands and artists from Vallis Lupi current and future catalog…