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Enneade - Remembrance

ENNEADE is born in Lyon on the initiative of Frédéric Lacousse, Gines Jimenez and Georges-Marc Lavarenne in 1996. Between 1996 and 2000, the group saw several musicians pass through its ranks, forging its style and producing three demos in a progressive style with metallic accents. The tireless work of the group, also integrating jazz-rock colors, leads to the recording of the first album, Remembrance which was released on the prestigious Musea label in 2005. Recognized for the quality of this first album, ENNEADE bursts into the landscape of the French progressive rock with a music which brings it closer to King Crimson, Opeth, Anathema, Dream Theater, or Steve Hackett.

Enneade Remembrance
Remembrance, Musea, 2005

Teardrops in Morning Dew

ENNEADE will know again changes of personnel but will manage to acquire a form of stability which will develop a darker music that we can discover on the second album of the group: Teardrops in Morning Dew (released on the label Galileo Records in 2011) on which we feel the complementary influences of Therion or even Paradise’s Lost . But the big names of the prog are still present with always the major influence of King Crimson, and that more diffuse of Pink Floyd, without speaking about an art rock inspired by a certain David Bowie
Thereafter, ENNEADE will perform on stage on many occasions, with a noticed passage at the Quadrifonic festival (Chadrac, 43) in 2015 (this time with a female singer), before returning to the shadows the following year…

Enneade Teardrops in Morning Dew
Teardrops in Morning Dew, Galileo Records, 2011

Withered Flowers and Cinnamon

And suddenly, five years of silence later, ten years after their second album, the members of ENNEADE announce their return with a new album entitled Withered Flowers and Cinnamon of which they let some short extracts appear in September 2021. A new page begins to be written then at the dawn of 2022 with the signature of the group on the label Vallis Lupi. But that’s another story… which begins by clicking on the album cover below!

Withered Flowers and Cinnamon, Vallis Lupi, 2022

ENNEADE 2022, from left to right:

Georges-Marc LAVARENNE, Christophe GOULEVITCH, Julien FAYOLLE,
Christian GREVEN, Frédéric LACOUSSE…

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Photo credit: Maao_Photos